Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass reveals Side Order, a new single-player campaign

splatoon 3 expansion pass unveils side order campaign
Credit: Nintendo

splatoon 3 expansion pass unveils side order campaign
Credit: Nintendo

The Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass just unveiled its new single-player campaign Side-Order, similar to the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. In this intriguing campaign, players can see what happened to Inkopolis Square while also fighting new enemies.

Side-Order has the player’s custom avatar teaming up with musician Dedf1sh, who first appeared in Splatoon 2. Like the main single-player campaign, players will be able to explore various areas with unique traveling mechanics and a ton of enemies to shoot.

Players will also be able to customize the color of ink during the campaign and even equip new skills. More boss fights were also shown off, which has always been the appeal of these Splatoon single-player campaigns.

After the first wave of DLC only focused on multiplayer, it’s good to see Splatoon 3 give players more meaty single-player content. Most players were already pretty satisfied with the base game’s campaign, which learned a lot from Octo Expansion, so having more of it will satisfy fans.

Interestingly, Side-Order is being designed to be a replayable single-player romp. Considering how most of the Splatoon campaigns are one-and-done, this bit is intriguing and it will be fun to see just how replayable this expansion is.

No release date for Splatoon 3 Side-Order has been announced, though it is slated for release next year.

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