Space Invaders Micro Cabinet is available NOW: Here's everything you need to know

Arcade gaming is a pastime that the vast majority of us might have enjoyed a bit of growing up, but definitely isn't something we're engaging in at the moment.

Well, you can occasionally find ways to bring that experience home with you.

It's incredibly expensive to buy your own arcade cabinet though, so we recommend a different approach.

Instead of buying a full-size one, maybe you should invest in a tiny cute one from My Arcade? Also, it won't cost you an obscene amount of money.

Meet the Space Invaders Micro Player

World, meet the Space Invaders Micro Player. Space Invaders Micro Player, this is the world.

"Unlike any former Micro Player released in the range, SPACE INVADERS features a unique design, faithfully reproducing the key features of the full-size SPACE INVADERS cabinet which made it such a revolutionary experience."

This is a proper arcade cabinet, it's just really really small. "Featuring an authentic backlit marquee and backlit coin trap, the Micro Player replicates the look and feel of the game in a way emulation never can, including the legendary reflected screen and backlit Moonscape."

That's all very exciting if you're a fan of the game or arcade gaming in general, and this release is sure to excite some people.

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How much is the Space Invaders Micro Player

The cabinet costs around £50 depending on where you can find it.

It's beginning to roll out across Europe, but it's a pretty cool item so it can be hard to actually find somewhere that has stock.

However, it is out now, and that means if you're willing to hunt for it hard enough you'll be able to find one.

Hopefully, we'll see even more of these tiny arcade machines coming our way soon too.

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