Sony announces 10 free games through Play At Home initiative

Sony announced further additions to its Play At Home initiative today, including the arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn in April. 

The initiative originally launched last year. Sony released a number of free games to thank players for being patient and staying home in the midst of the global pandemic.

The original lineup of free games included Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey. Sony announced the return of the initiative late last month, giving players the opportunity to download Ratchet and Clank for free.

This new batch of games will be available from March 25th, running late into April. 

Play At Home

There are ten games set to arrive in the next phase of the initiative, including both triple a and independently developed titles. 

Starting March 25th, players will be able to download Abzu, The Witness and Enter The Gungeon for free, along with several other titles. 

Here’s the full list of games arriving on the 25th:

AbzuThe WitnessEnter The GungeonPaper BeastSubnauticaThumper

Three PSVR games will also be free to download from the 25th:

Rez InfiniteMossAstro Bot Rescue Mission

Play At Home’s headline title, Horizon Zero Dawn will be free to download on April 19th. The open-world adventure follows Aloy on her quest to unlock the secrets of an ancient technology. Facing mechanised dinosaurs and animals, along with competing tribes, Aloy is tasked with mastering her newfound abilities and saving the world.

Creative Funding 

Sony also announced during the initial launch of the Play At Home initiative that it had pledged $10 million to support its independent development partners during the pandemic. 

In the post at the time, Sony stated it would provide more information on the fund in an upcoming update, but at the time of writing there has been no information provided. 

We can only hope Sony rang true on its promise, and that any independent developers in need were supported through the fund.

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