Sony A95L QD-OLED TV’s UK pricing is ridiculous

Sony a95l uk pricing tv mounted on a wall

Sony a95l uk pricing tv mounted on a wall

QD-OLED is all the rage this year, with panels getting larger and the technology developing further, as we enter it's second proper year. The Sony A95K was the TV to beat for out of the box quality and accuracy last year, but this year, the Japanese giant has thrown a spanner in the works with its pricing.

Those who lean towards the Sony for their motion and cinephile standards in the UK are going to be having a rough time, as the company has just announced how much its flagship QD-OLED will cost - and it's ridiculous.

The 55" A95L will set buyers back £2999, while the 65" comes in at a whopping £3699. This is almost £1000 more than the equivalent LG G3 TVs. And those who want QD-OLED on a budget can pick up the Samsung S90C in 65" guise for £2000 and below already.

As What Hi-Fi have pointed out, that's a £200-300 price increase on last year's A95K.

The slap in the face for UK consumers, however, comes when you find out that the A95L is cheaper in the US than it was last year. Regardless of whether the UK price increase is justified or not, it's not a good look.

It's easy to see, then, how Sony is pricing themselves out of the market, especially at a time when the cost of living in the UK is out of control. The price might be palatable for the select few who can accept nothing less than Sony's best, but most are likely to spend half that amount for a set that does 90% of what the A95L does.

Are you deciding between MLA and QD-OLED this year? And will this price increase stop you from buying Sony?

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