Sons of the Forest inventory bug - how to fix the inventory opening issue

Sons of the Forest inventory bug guy about to axe you

Sons of the Forest inventory bug guy about to axe you

Sometimes, staying alive in survival horror is not just about being skilled, but also about trying to stay ahead of the bugs. Sons of the Forest has been out in Early Access for a while, but players have reportedly been having problems. So, what can we do to address the Sons of the Forest inventory bug? Let's take a look.

The game has been having issues, such as when it keeps crashing but luckily there is usually a workaround against such issues so we can keep playing and trying to stay alive.

In this guide, we'll address the Sons of the Forest inventory bug so let's try and see what can we do to fix it.

How to fix the Sons of the Forest inventory bug

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a specific fix for the issue as it seems to pop out unexpectedly and at random moments. It might have to do with inventory being full, but it seems to happen also in other cases.

Here are our recommendations on what to do if you're experiencing this issue:

  • Restart the game: while it might be an obvious idea, this can easily lead to being able to keep playing;
  • Lowering the resolution or the graphics settings: you can experiment with this, especially if you want to avoid restarting the game, even though there is no evidence that it solves the problem;
  • Keep the game updated: clearly waiting for a patch that solves the issue is the only way to know for sure that it won't happen again.

Those are the problems with wanting to play a game in Early Access, it is easy to encounter bugs or performance issues.

What is the Sons of the Forest inventory bug?

This bug seems to pop up at random, preventing a player to use the inventory as normal.

In-game, it appears that your inventory is frozen and you're not able to interact with it at all. Players have reported that either the inventory does not open or that they can't use it.

If you're looking for more news on the game, you can find out if it's coming on PlayStation 5.

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