Sonic Frontiers Nintendo Switch steelbook is completely unusable

The Sonic Frontiers steelbook given to Switch players is as useful as garbage.
Credit: SEGA

The Sonic Frontiers steelbook given to Switch players is as useful as garbage.
Credit: SEGA

Sonic Frontiers is the next foray for SEGA’s iconic blue speedster. After mostly positive reviews from critics, Frontiers is renewing faith in some fans, but not everyone has been lucky, as some customers got the wrong steelbook for their versions of the game.

Many fans have gone on to point out that their Nintendo Switch copy of the game gets the wrong steelbook, which is truly unfortunate. While these steelbooks are more novelties than anything else, fans still like them and Sega or the retailers should do better when delivering the goods.

Even with this blunder, it seems that Sonic fans can look at themselves in the mirror with dignity again. It seems that Sonic Frontiers has entered the realm of “good games” once again and we hope the hedgehog stays in this lane from here on out.

Twitter user Joshua Taylor reveals that he got the wrong steelbook for his copy of Sonic Frontiers. Various fans have also gone to YouTube, showing that their Switch copy of the game comes with steelbooks for disc-based versions of the game.

Obviously, Nintendo Switch games are not shipped on discs. Instead, Switch games are small cartridges. Usually, Nintendo Switch special editions come with unique steelbooks to the miniature cartridges.

Considering how Sega previously released steelbook cases for Persona 5 Royal and Shin Megami Tensei V on the Switch, this is sad. Admittedly, this can be a case of Sega or the retailer making a big blunder and we hope fans get the appropriate steelbook for his game.

Hopefully, owning the best Sonic game in years is enough to get this player happy, though we’re sure a quick refund will fix things. As long as the game is working, this is a minor setback at best and a disappointing surprise at worst.

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Gamers can purchase Sonic Frontiers now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC right now.

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