Someone's remade Sonic SMS for PC!

With a gaming series, everyone has their favourite entries, from Gears of War to Street Fighter. Different opinions usually drive some great conversations, and also ideas as to how they could be improved.

The Master System versions of Sonic 1 and 2 have always been widely seen as the 'black sheep' of the Sonic series, but many, this writer included, hold them in high regard, mainly due to their unique levels and gameplay that's exclusive only to them.

While they've been playable in collections and bonus features, there's always been a wish for them to be remastered or remade, and seemingly from out of nowhere, it's already been done.

With that, here's some details into the unofficial remake of Sonic 1.

What's Changed in the Remake?

First released in February of 2018, it was the whole game but with widescreen support and a cheat code to enable level select. It's built off a custom 'Open Sonic SMS Engine' that can allow anyone to create Sonic games as they wish with the Master System graphics.

But since then, it's grown and expanded into something else entirely, with multiple characters to choose from, Super Sonic, and even a couple of ported zones, such as 'Marble Zone' and 'Spring Yard Zone' from the Sonic 1 version of the Mega Drive.

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It's available as a Windows or Android port, and it simply plays amazingly well. Everything is here from the original game, but the additions don't feel tacked on; they feel like they've always been there, and that's when you know when a remake is done well.

It's still in active development, but it has slowed, mainly due to it being complete; it's really just bugfixes now. The developers are now working on a 'Sonic 2 Remake' and something else entirely.

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What's Next to be Remade?

The Sonic 2 Remake looks even more like an amalgamation of the Mega Drive and Master System versions, featuring even more characters to play as, and other levels being ported from the Mega Drive version of Sonic 2, and even 'Doomsday Zone' from Sonic 3.

It also has the features of Sonic 1, such as widescreen, new cheats, redesigned menus and cards, but many more additions. From 'Hyper Sonic' to 'Casino Special Stages', new elemental shields and Tails, there's plenty to like here.

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It's only had three releases, but it already looks like it's nearly finished, and playing it from start to finish, it's difficult to find fault with it.

They are now deep in development with 'Sonic 3: Triple Chaos', which is a game that features levels and gameplay from 'Sonic CD', 'Triple Trouble' and 'Chaos'.

It's in heavy development now, and while it may be a while until it releases, the first two games are a fantastic excuse to use up an evening on your Android device or laptop.

They're simply fantastic remakes, and if you were ever a fan of the Master System variants of Sonic, you'll love these remakes.

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