Slender Man returns to video games after years of controversy

Wooooo it’s the spooky slender man in the trees of a big forest

Wooooo it’s the spooky slender man in the trees of a big forest

The controversial Slender Man is getting a new video game from the creators of Slender: The Arrival. After years of the internet cryptid being absent from media, Blue Isle Studios is bringing him back.

In an announcement on the Slender: The Arrival Twitter account, Blue Isle revealed that there is a new game in the works featuring the iconic horror character.

The developer has not revealed any details whatsoever regarding the new game. In the announcement tweet, fans can see a dark, highly detailed room with no other discernible details. Occasionally, flickering static appears, showing that the character is nearby.

Fans of the series have noticed that Blue Isle has added a countdown to the Slender: The Arrival website. Counting down to 28th July, 2023, the website could result in a reveal trailer of an upcoming remake, remaster or even sequel to the developer’s popular horror game.

The Slender Man character has been largely removed from media culture over the past few years, following the horrible Slender Man stabbings in 2014 where two 12-year-old girls attacked their friend to sacrifice her to the fictional creature.

Nevertheless, the character has since received a terrible feature length movie in 2018 — which did not release in the Wisconsin countries due to the aforementioned attack. Since then, the character has only seen minor appearances, such as becoming a character in Phantasmophobia.

The Slender Man fandom has been dead for years now, but the character is an iconic part of many of Gen Z’s childhood. While Slender Man may not bring the appeal he did in the early 2010s, the character is still highly popular.

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