Slay the Princess devs give you permission to pirate their game

slay the princess piracy
Credit: Black Tabby Games

slay the princess piracy
Credit: Black Tabby Games

Slay the Princess has been a huge hit in the indie gaming scene, surprising players with its replayability and genuine scares. However, not everyone’s privileged enough to buy games whenever they want, which is why developer Black Tabby Games is telling fans it's okay to pirate the title.

On Twitter, Black Tabby Games told fans to avoid watching walkthroughs of their indie horror hit, as that spoils the whole experience. The devs told fans to play this game themselves, even if it means pirating the story to do so.

While the devs are okay with players pirating Slay the Princess, they do hope that if players enjoy the experience they end up buying it on PC. It’s a fair trade-off that many gamers tend to do, usually to give them some time to save up and eventually buy the game.

There’s a very interesting middle ground when it comes to piracy, as most gamers will agree that readily available games shouldn’t be pirated. However, older titles that aren’t available for resale are considered fair game, since these titles tend to be expensive.

Players really should experience this title for themselves, considering how it’s a story-driven narrative game where your choices matter. Gamers who end up watching the experience on YouTube will see everything the game has to offer, giving them little incentive to give it a try. At least with more traditional action-adventure games, you could argue that control is a huge part of the experience.

For those unaware, Slay the Princess is an interesting horror game that starts with a narrator telling you to, well, slay the princess. That’s all we’ll tell players, as every decision surrounding this game leads to a different ending, offering a ton of responsibility. It’s essentially an effective visual novel and one that fans of the genre need to experience, especially if they like horror stories.

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Slay the Princess is available now on Steam.

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