Six-foot Nintendo Switch gigantimaxes the portable system

The Nintendo Switch is far from the smallest Nintendo console. Compared to the pocketability of the Game Boy Advance SP, both the Switch and its Lite brethren are gigantic.

There’s always room for improvement. On the contrary, there's also the ability for a downgrade, especially for a good giggle. YouTuber Michael Pick has taken this to the extreme, gigantimaxing Nintendo's portable into its final form.

What is Michael Pick’s Huge Nintendo Switch?

Built around a huge 4K display, the huge Nintendo Switch is portable gaming exclusively for giants. Held together by a thick wooden frame, the device is a custom-made shell for a normal-sized Switch. That’s right, this isn't a custom designed board – it's the world’s biggest console accessory. Take that, Hori!

For the huge buttons, Pick 3D printed the shapes and connected them to servo motors that press the actual buttons on the original Joy-cons. Hilariously, the new analogue sticks connect to the originals by resting atop of them. Some handy rubber bands are used for centering the sticks to be as accurate as possible. How long until this Switch gets stick drift?

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He got a number one victory royale, yeah, Fortnite, we 'bout to get down.

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Is it fully functioning?

Pick’s Switch doesn’t have every single one of the original’s features. For starters, you can't dock it. Not only is there no dock big enough, but the USB-C video port is being used by the massive 4K display.

In more general features, the console doesn't have a touchscreen and the new giganti-cons are not removable. While motion controls probably work, who is brave enough to tilt a huge Nintendo Switch? Finally, HD rumble would not be perceivable throughout the device, but it technically works!

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