This Sims 4 clone fixes EA’s biggest mistakes

sims 4 clone inzoi
Credit: MEmu

sims 4 clone inzoi
Credit: MEmu

The Sims 4 is no stranger to having imitators, as EA’s life sim has been going strong for ten years, going Free-to-Play as a result. PUBG publisher Krafton has unveiled inZOI, another Sims-like game that takes it a notch further, as it also has elements from EA’s SimCity.

Lead developer Kjun talked about inZOI with YouTuber Middle-Aged Gamer Kim (translated by PCGamesN), where they discussed toning down the city-building element. The city was too big and deemed unplayable, so they had to make it smaller so it meshes better with the life-size elements.

Unlike Sims 4, it seems that inZOI wants gamers to feel like a god in more ways than one, letting you control various aspects of the environment. Combining this with the Sim-like gameplay should get a ton of attention from fans of the genre, so this will be interesting to witness.

Kjun also brings up how customization will be a major part of the game, as the dev reveals that these characters will be able to stack items together. That might sound like a minor thing but it’s something you can’t do in The Sims 4, unless you implement cheat codes. Based on how things are looking, this could end up being something special when the game eventually comes out.

“Simply having a high resolution, high-quality game is meaningless, but providing the best possible creation tool for our players is worth working towards,” Kjun said.

AI will also play a crucial part in the game’s development, with Kjun saying that the tech will try to make in-game conversations more unique. The devs also said that AI will be used to make designs within the world, but it’s not yet clear if it will do that well. Only time will tell if this is going to be a good use of the controversial technology.

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No release date for inZOI has been released. Meanwhile, The Sims 4 is readily available on various systems, though it’s best played on PC.

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