Sifu Download Error: How To Fix Sifu Download Issue on PlayStation

With the release of Sifu, fans of martial arts beat 'em ups have a new challenge to overcome. And no, we aren't talking about how difficult the game is. We're talking about theSifu download error, that has been plaguing PlayStation gamers since the game became available.

So today, we'll embrace our inner Zen master, to provide you with enlightenment. Hopefully, enough enlightenment to let you go and punch stuff really, really hard. Here's what we know about the download error on Sifu.

How To Fix Sifu Download Issue on PlayStation

For anyone who has been experiencing this problem, the recommended course of action is as follows:

  • Start by restarting your console. Once the console has rebooted, try launching the game from the library.
  • If this is unsuccessful, Try going to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licences, then try again.
  • A user-reported solution, which others seem to have found effective, is to add an item to your library (it doesn't appear to matter what you add). Then, return to your library, go to Sifu, and try to download it again.

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Some players are reporting that, despite trying all these solutions, they are still experiencing problems. In this situation, the developers of Sifu have asked players to message them directly with the following information:

  • PlayStation Network ID
  • Region/Platform you are using

You can send them a DM on Twitter through the official @SifuGame feed. This information will then be passed on to the PlayStation engineers who are investigating the issue.

What Is This Error?

The Sifu download error first revealed itself to players who were granted early access to the game. The error meant that players who were attempting to launch the download from the PlayStation store were unable to do so. After investigations, it was believed that the issue had been successfully resolved.

Sadly though, this has not turned out to be completely accurate. Players are still reporting issues with downloading the game, even now. There still seems to be a degree of uncertainty around why this is happening. But it does seem to be an issue that's exclusive to PlayStation, which may indicate something to do with the PSN network. But the fixes that we've outlined above will hopefully work for the majority of players.

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If not, rest assured that engineers continue to track the reported issues. As we mentioned earlier, reporting the details of your issue is well worth doing, as it will help them to pinpoint the problem, and hopefully find a resolution faster as a result.

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