Should I Upgrade To macOS Monterey?

Apple announced their latest big Mac software upgrade - macOS Monterey - back in 2021. It became available to install back in October. But you may still be wondering whether or not to upgrade to macOS Monterey. For some users, it may be an easy answer. But for others, maybe things are a little more complicated. We'll take a look at the reasons for and against upgrading, so you can make an informed choice.

Reasons To Upgrade To macOS Monterey

Apple, perhaps predictably, try to encourage users to upgrade as soon as possible. And there are plenty of good reasons for doing so, as Monterey introduces a host of new features for users to benefit from.

New features include Focus, which allows you to switch off notifications and get on with your work. Which can be something of a Godsend in a world where we respond to every ping, buzz and ring like a Pavlovian-conditioned dog. This automatically sets it on your other Apple devices as well.

There is also Quick Note, which lets you quickly and easily create a new note, even when you aren't using the Notes app. When you use it, the Notes app opens a new file, so you can immediately start using it. You can also tweak preferences so that it automatically opens the most recently used file.

Live Text is another new feature in Monterey. This allows users to copy text from an image, and use it in a document, for example. It's a great time-saving feature, rather than having to type something out.

Safari offers features such as tab groups, the option of a compact tab bar, and new privacy protections. Shortcuts, Maps and myriad other features have been added or improved as well. You can see a comprehensive list here.

All of these features offer productivity and usability benefits, making life easier for users who decide to upgrade to the new macOS. And as usual, most software upgrades also come with a suite of security and performance updates as well.

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Reasons Not To Upgrade To macOS Monterey

But while these are perfectly good reasons to upgrade, there are also reasons why you may feel that now is not yet the time. Big Sur is not going to stop receiving updates for some time; so there is no urgency to update, lest you be left with an obsolete OS riddled with vulnerabilities. But there are other reasons why waiting may be better.

Bugs are an inevitable part of a new software update. The longer you wait, the better your hances of getting a more stable system with fewer glitches, as other people identify them, and Apple get them fixed. We've already had update 12.1, which addressed a number of issues with the original version. But that doesn't mean there won't be other glitches to discover.

You also have the option of updating specific parts of your system - most notably Safari. So if you want to have the latest version of Safari, but keep Big Sur for a bit longer, that option is available to you.

But arguably the biggest reason to wait, is because of Universal Control. This feature will allow a single keyboard, mouse or trackpad to work seamlessly between iPad and Mac. Arguably the most exciting feature highlighted in Apple's announcement of Monterey, it was conspicuous by its absence when the new OS actually launched. And remains so, as they work to make sure that the feature works as intended. It has now been delayed until Spring 2022 (at the earliest). If this was your main reason for wanting to upgrade, then you've a while still to wait.

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Ultimately, it is always a matter of personal preference. There are plenty of new features available on Monterey, even if Universal Control is a glaring absence. While not every new feature will be useful for everyone, there is plenty there to appeal, and you are unlikely to find yourself less productive as a result of upgrading.

While bugs are a potential issue, Apple has a good track record of identifying and resolving major issues quickly. For most people, there isn't much reason to delay upgrading.

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