Shadow cloud gaming UPGRADE: Next-gen ray-tracing comes to the game-streaming service

Game streaming is rapidly becoming a very viable way of keeping up to date with the latest games.

It's still viewed as something of a lesser way of doing things, but given that it's generally less expensive than buying a console or a brand-new PC, it's definitely something worth considering.

While there are a few services out there to consider now, it might be hard to find the one that you want to sue, the one that'll offer everything you're after.

Well, one service that might is called Shadow, and they're about to introduce a big boost to what they can offer.

What is Shadow?

Shadow is a streaming service much like the others in the market, but it differed in how it does things.

When you subscribe to Shadow you actually effectively rents you a high-end PC to use and then you stream that PC to other devices.

This gets around some of the peskier issues regarding licensing and means that you can just play games rather than worry about hosting issues. It also means that they can upgrade how the offer things, and that's what's really cool about this.

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What are the upgrades to the service?

The next update, and one that's now rolling out in the US, answers the question of "Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wield the power of a TITAN RTX graphics card on that old laptop of yours picking up dust in the closet?"

It's an attractive prospect, and the long and short of it is that there will be two new models for subscriptions which will allow people to stream at higher fidelities than ever before.

We've just got to hope that these services will eventually come to the UK too.

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