SEGA is "aggressively" focusing on PC ports right now - here's why

SEGA, despite being a lot quieter than they used to be, is still a force to be reckoned with in the world of gaming.

A lot of gamers grew up with some kind of SEGA console, so whenever there is new news about the company, especially when it concerns older games, the internet has a small party.

Just look at how popular the Dreamcast is nowadays, despite being something of a flop at the time.

Well good SEGA fans, we've got some good news.

SEGA will be bringing more games to PC

As reported on by, SEGA told investors in a Q&A that "Going forward, we intend to aggressively promote the porting of previously launched titles to Steam and other new platforms."

This is thanks to Persona 4: Golden coming to PC, which did a lot better than they were expecting.

It makes sense to delve into this style of game release as well. Nostalgia is at an all-time high, and a lot of people are hungry for the chance to play the SEGA games they love again.

That got us thinking though, which games from classic SEGA consoles would we like to see?

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What games do we want to see?

There are plenty of games that we'd like to see getting brand-new ports or remasters.

The main one we'd really like to see is Jet Set Radio Future. Set after the original game, it grants you the ability to grind vertically, which really opens up the game world.

We'd also love to see Skies of Arcadia again. It's an extraordinary RPG that deserves a lot more love than it gets and is only two months away from being 20-years-old at this point.

Finally, we'd love to see more of the classic Phantasy Star and Shining Force games as well. These are all pipedreams, but maybe they won't be one day?

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