Secretlabs reveals League Of Legends Champion Edition gaming chairs with Riot Games - check out the price, release date and images here

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Gaming chair manufacturer, Secretlabs, has today revealed they have created League of Legends Champions chairs in collaboration with Riot Games.

This is the latest partnership between the two companies, with Secretlabs' products being the chair of choice in many Riot Games tournaments around the world.

In line with League of Legends' 10th anniversary, Secretlabs designed the line of chairs inspired by the games' rich history and the fan-favourite champions. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming selection of League of Legends merchandise.

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League of Legend Secret Labs Chairs Breakdown

The Secretlabs design team worked alongside Riot Games' character artists and studied gameplay to identify the unique elements each champion brings to League of Legends, before carefully selecting specific colours and motifs for their chairs.

Secretlabs created four chairs, each available in the Secretlab OMEGA or Secretlab TITAN style, based on the League of Legends universe. Here's the breakdown of each chair.

Secretlab League of Legends K/DA Edition

Drawing on the dark allure of the virtual pop group, K/DA, made up of four League characters, the K/DA edition is upholstered in decadent purple and gold.

Akali's signature dragon is embroided in gold thread on the rear of the chair while sporting diamond-quilted side wings based on Akali's K/DA outfit.

Secretlab League of Legends K DA Edition png
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Secretlab League of Legends Akali Edition

In contrast to the K/DA chair, the Akali Edition is based on Akali's rebellious nature, featuring her signature kama blade and kunai dagger on the front of the chair.

Much like the K/DA chair, Akali's dragon sprawls out across the back of the Secretlabs chair, albeit in a different style.

Secretlab League of Legends Ahri Edition

Coming in a deep wine red colour, the Ahri Edition uses intricate patterns from Ahri's design and features her iconic nine tails and fox fire embroidered on the backrest.

Secretlab League of Legends Akali and Ahri Edition png
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Secretlab League of Legends Yasuo Edition

Featuring Yasuo's katana on the front of the chair and a tempest storm at its back, the Yasuo Edition is a faithful rendition of League's master swordsman. This chair comes in a deep navy and features weave detailing influenced by the rope around Yasuo's waist.

Secretlab League of Legends Yasuo Edition png
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Secretlabs League of Legends chair prices

As the chairs are available in both OMEGA and TITAN versions, prices will vary depending on what size you buy.

If you pick one up in the OMEGA size, it will cost you £329, while the TITAN versions are priced at £379.

For the full breakdown of the chair prices, you can click here.

Secretlabs League of Legends chair release date

If you were wondering when you can pick up one of these chairs, orders have now gone live (August 12)! We'd recommend picking one up soon as Secretlabs products often sell out when in collaboration with specific games!

The expected arrival of these chairs after pre-order is October 28 or earlier.

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