UFO expert claims seagulls and houseflies were sent by aliens to spy on us

Are seagulls alien spies that were sent to Earth so that their overlords can observe us? Absolutely not! Right? While that may sound absolutely ridiculous, UFO expert Nick Pulls claims that this is, in fact, the truth. But what would lead a sensible person to believe these seaside felons are supposed alien spies?

How do seagulls “spy” on us?

Speaking to The Mirror, Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence, claims that whenever a seagull steals chips or ice cream they are sending it to their alien overlords as information. Apparently, humanity doesn’t pay much attention to these birds, making them the perfect spies. It allows the aliens to hide in plain sight if Pope is to be believed.

Pope goes on to say that aliens would use seagulls over massive telescopes from mars so their observations are more up close and personal with little cameras planted on small animals. He insists that this is actually the real thing and not the ravings of a crazy person. Thankfully, there are no pictures of dissected seagulls to show us how serious he is but it’s only a matter of time.

"If aliens are secretly monitoring Earth, they'll be doing it up-close-and-personal - not with distant telescopes, but a way that would enable them to get crystal clear images and recordings, right under our noses. Any civilization capable of getting here from other star systems undoubtedly has technology that would seem like magic to us, and one possibility is that they might be able to implant a living creature with tiny cameras and recording devices, and then control its thoughts to position it anywhere of interest."
Nick Pope

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Seagulls aren’t the only animal spies

As if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, Pope also goes on to say that other animals could be acting as spies for these aliens. The supposed UFO expert says to be careful when you try to swat a housefly that’s annoying you because this can start an intergalactic war. Seriously.

"So next time you move to swat that fly, watch out - your actions might inadvertently start an interstellar war!"
Nick Pope

This is a fairly entertaining conspiracy theory but that’s about it. We hope this made you laugh but also, don’t swat those houseflies and be nice to seagulls.

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