Saudi Arabia has actually started construction of its dystopian mega-city, The Line

Saudi Arabia’s The Line is a futuristic city project that many critics think is impossible, given The Prince’s huge demands. While most of us imagine it will never come to pass, drones have revealed that the project is in construction.

For those who might not remember, this project will supposedly give us a futuristic city running on renewable energy. Obviously, that’s an impossibility, given how limited current technology is but the country is intent on making this a reality.

The Line is being built

According to The National News, drones caught excavators digging a huge trench in the Saudi Arabia desert for The Line. Tweets from The B1M also reveal that the trench will eventually stretch to 170 kilometers across the desert, which is massive.

Honestly, the logistics indicate that this could be a failed project, though Saudi Arabia does have seemingly unlimited resources at their disposal. In case anyone has forgotten, the goal is to house 9 million people in a city run by renewable energy.

Personally, we hope that this futuristic city that runs on renewable energy works out because it sounds like an impossible dream. Ultimately, they have $500 billion to work with so if anyone can make this a possibility, it’s the rich people of Saudi Arabia.

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What else is there?

The Line is a project massive enough to need $500 billion by itself, thanks to talk of flying cars and robot fighting. It seems that The Price and Saudi Arabia are huge fans of Cyberpunk, so we hope they’re prepared for hardship.

While we admire the focus on walkability and renewable energy, it’s hard to feel positive about this project. Once more impressive footage of the city is shown, we might change our minds in the future.

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