How to fix the Samsung Watch not charging issue

Samsung Watch not charging

Samsung Watch not charging

If your Samsung Watch is not charging or turning on, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can explore before seeking assistance from Samsung.

Whether you own the latest Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5, or any other Samsung smartwatch, encountering charging issues can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you depend on your smartwatch for essential tasks like calorie tracking and more.

In this guide, we will walk you through a series of troubleshooting steps and solutions to help you fix the charging issue and revive your Samsung Watch.

How to fix the Samsung Watch not charging issue

To fix the Samsung Watch not charging issue, consider using alternative chargers or power sources as an initial step. If this doesn't resolve the issue, you might need to perform a force reboot on your Samsung Watch.

Here are the detailed troubleshooting tips to fix the issue of Samsung Watch not charging:

  • If you have access to another compatible Samsung charger, try using it to charge your watch. This will help determine if the issue is with the charger itself.
  • Make sure the power source you are using is working correctly. Try using a different power outlet or a power bank to eliminate this as a potential issue.
  • Try rebooting your Samsung Watch. To force a reboot, press and hold the Home key (Power key) and Back key at the same time until "Rebooting..." displays.
  • Samsung recommends checking for software updates on your watch and the Galaxy Wearable app once the reboot is complete.

If none of the above steps resolves the issue, it's advisable to contact Samsung's customer support or visit an authorized service centre for further assistance. Your watch may require professional evaluation and repair.

Samsung Watch won't charge or turn on?

If your Samsung Watch won't charge or power on even after trying various chargers and power sources, there's a strong likelihood of a hardware issue. It could be related to a dead battery, a defective motherboard or a fried charging coil.

Last year, there was an incident where a Samsung software update bricked some watches. If your Samsung Watch encountered issues shortly after a software update, there is a strong possibility that the problem is related to the update itself.

In such instances, you might qualify for a free repair or replacement from Samsung, even if your warranty has expired. Therefore, don't hesitate to get in touch with Samsung's customer support.

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