Samsung ViewFinity S9 is a stunning 5K monitor for professionals

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K display with its little camera popping up

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K display with its little camera popping up

A new monitor to rival Apple’s pro displays? Samsung has revealed its latest 5K monitor, the Samsung ViewFinity S9, a display hyper-focused on video editors, photographers and graphic designers.

Revealed in a press release, the Samsung ViewFinity S9 is a sleek 27-inch professional display that aims to deliver almost-perfect image reproduction for editors.

With a 5,120 x 2,880 resolution, Samsung’s 5K display offers perfect text clarity and a large workspace for artists, editors and more to work in.

The new Samsung panel offers 99% DCI-P31 and 218 PPI for saturated, vivid colors without sacrificing visual clarity. Samsung’s screen is also rated with a brightness of 600 nits, allowing the screen to be viewable even in very bright environments.

Samsung’s ViewFinity S9 will take advantage of the company’s smartphone-based calibration app to help create a balanced image without the use of expensive tools. It’s not the best way to perfectly calibrate a display, but it’s a decent option.

Additionally, the Samsung display comes with TUV-certified Intelligent Eye Care, reducing blue light over time to keep your peepers from being burnt out. The company’s Matte Display technology is also present to cut out pesky light glare that can crop up in light rooms.

The ViewFinity S9 also features a number of essential ports such as Thunderbolt 4,mini DisplayPort inputs and USB-C. Furthermore, a high-resolution camera can be attached via pogo pin connections that also offers auto-framing features.

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Samsung’s display also comes with a whole host of SmartTV apps that can be accessed. Using the same OS as Samsung’s TV sets, you’ll be able to use Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, NowTV and more.

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 launches on June 26, 2023 in a number of regions. Samsung has only revealed the display’s US price of $1,599.99, far cheaper than the Apple Pro Display XDR’s $4,999 launch price.

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