Samsung One UI 6.1 - release date, features, and compatible devices

An image of the Samsung One UI 6.1

An image of the Samsung One UI 6.1

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If you are a Samsung device owner keen on understanding the ins and outs of the new One UI 6.1 update, including its release date, the array of features it offers, and the devices it supports, then this guide is tailored for you.

The One UI 6.1 update places a significant emphasis on AI enhancements, heralding the introduction of the Galaxy AI experience to a range of devices. This development is eagerly anticipated by many Samsung users, who are excited about the new possibilities and functionalities it promises to bring to their devices.

We're here to walk you through everything you need to know about the much-anticipated Samsung One UI 6.1 update from the release date and features to the comprehensive list of devices that will be compatible with this update.

Samsung One UI 6.1 release date and compatible phones

The Samsung One UI 6.1 update was launched with the Galaxy S24 series in January 2024. Although Samsung did not specify a timeline for its availability on older models, the new UI is expected to be gradually released for older devices by mid-2024.

As for the compatible phones, a wide range of Samsung Galaxy devices are expected to receive the One UI 6.1 update. This includes:

  • Galaxy S series: S23, S23+, S23 Ultra, S23 FE, S22, S22+, S22 Ultra, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, and S21 FE.
  • Galaxy Z series: Z Fold 5, Flip 5, Fold 4, Flip 4, Fold 3, and Flip 3.
  • Galaxy A series: A73, A72, A54, A53, A52 (A52 5G, A52s), A34, A33, A24, A23, A14 (LTE+5G), A13, A04s, A05s.
  • Galaxy M series: M54, M53 5G, M33 5G, M23.
  • Galaxy F series: F54, F23, F14 5G.
  • Galaxy Xcover series: Xcover 5 Pro, Xcover 6 Pro.
  • Galaxy Tab series: Tab S9 Ultra, Tab S9+, Tab S9, Tab S9 FE, Tab S9 FE+, Tab S8 Ultra, Tab S8+, Tab S8, and Tab A7 Lite.

Keep in mind that the list of compatible devices is subject to change. To stay updated with the latest details, consider bookmarking this webpage. We will provide updates as new information becomes available from Samsung.

Samsung One UI 6.1 features

The Samsung One UI 6.1 update, which debuted with the Galaxy S24 series in January 2024, brings a suite of impressive features, primarily focusing on AI enhancements. Key features of One UI 6.1 include:

  • Circle to Search.
  • Interpreter.
  • Live translation in phone calls.
  • Chat Assist powered by Google Gemini.
  • Powerful spelling and grammar checking powered by AI.
  • Auto Summary for Samsung Notes, Internet, and Voice.
  • Recorder apps – once again powered by Google's AI.
  • Transcriptions in the Voice Recorder app.
  • Summarize and Auto Formatting in Samsung Notes.
  • Generative Edit in Gallery.
  • Instant slow-mo playback for videos in Gallery.
  • Super HDR photo viewing in Gallery.
  • Generative Wallpapers.
  • Dual Recording can now be used for two rear cameras simultaneously.
  • Adaptive Color Tone for display colour and white level adjustments based on environmental lighting.

That covers everything about the Samsung One UI 6.1. Before you head off, make sure you check out our other Samsung guides, including how to check if your Samsung phone is original or not and how to transfer data from Samsung S23 to S24.

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