Samsung announces next-gen microSD cards and they may have been for Switch 2

samsung next-gen microsd cards switch 2
Credit: Samsung/Nintendo

samsung next-gen microsd cards switch 2
Credit: Samsung/Nintendo

With many leakers and insiders speculating that the Switch 2 will be released next year, the recent announcement of Samsung’s next-gen microSD cards has people talking. Rumours of Nintendo’s next system being on par with systems like the PS4 have fans speculating that this microSD card was made with the new console in mind.

Samsung announced their new microSD cards in a press release, detailing how much more powerful these will be compared to their current ones. These small pieces of tech will be able to read 800 megabytes per second (MB/s), with Samsung promising “SSD-like performance.”

A post from anirakdream on the Gaming Leaks subreddit theorizes that the new Samsung microSD card was made in collaboration with the Nintendo Switch 2. It was pointed out that Nintendo’s unannounced system is aiming to have similar fluidity to current-gen systems and Samsung’s new microSD cards could help that happen. The poster also says it’s interesting to see Samsung not name their customer who was part of a “successful collaboration” with a “custom product.”

“For the first time in the industry, Samsung introduced a new high-performance microSD card based on the SD Express interface,” said the press release. “The development was the result of a successful collaboration with a customer to create a custom product.”

Only time will tell if this adds up, as we imagine these microSD cards would be great for similar systems like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. We can only imagine how this will do wonders for the Nintendo Switch, especially if it means faster downloads and stronger processing for games.

Nintendo has been fairly quiet about the Switch 2, not even mentioning it during their recent Nintendo Direct. However, fans are speculating that the 2025-bound Pokémon Legends: Z-A teased the new system. In addition to coming out at the system’s rumoured launch year, the trailer said “Nintendo Switch systems,” which isn’t usually seen in their trailers.

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Are we going to get Switch 2 news this year? Will it run well with these new Samsung microSD cards? Only time will tell.

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