Samsung Galaxy S24’s Exynos chip isn’t the bad apple you expect

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in front of a blurred Samsung press image
Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in front of a blurred Samsung press image
Credit: Samsung

While there has been a lot of excitement around Galaxy AI and the new S24 series, one thing was quite worrying. Despite using Snapdragon chipsets in all of the S23 series last year, Samsung was returning to it's in-house Exynos chip for S24, and that sparked a lot of anxiety.

We've already voiced our concerns about the S24 and the Plus model using the Exynos 2400, as opposed to the Snapdragon like the one found in the more expensive S24 Ultra. So much so that, while Galaxy AI almost makes me want to upgrade to S24, I'm very worried about the potential performance with Samsung's own chip, at least until the Samsung Galaxy S24 release date arrives.

However, it seems my (and other potential customers') worries were for nothing. At least, according to some new benchmarks. YouTuber NL Tech recently shared some test results for the S24 series of phones, with all three of the devices using the same firmware. It's worth noting, like NL Tech does, that the firmware isn't the most stable and likely differs from the firmware that will be available when the phones release.

Firstly, the Geekbench 6 CPU shows the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 taking the lead in both single-core and multi-core scores, albeit not by much. However, the Exynos 2400 actually took a minor lead in the GPU department, with the S24+ GPU score beating the Snapdragon in the S24 Ultra.

The AnTuTu benchmark tests give another win to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, with the Exynos behind ever so slightly. With 3D Mark Solar Bay stress test, the Exynos 2400 takes another win, as well as actually handling the thermal management better than the Snapdragon in the Ultra. It's only by a little, but it's a promising sign considering previous Exynos chips had issues with thermals in prior Galaxy models.

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In the final benchmark, the 3D Mark Wild Life Extreme, the Qualcomm-powered S24 Ultra took another victory. But what does this all mean? Well, synthetic benchmarks are no equal match to real-life use and testing, but it gives us a good indication that Samsung is actually working hard on ensuring that it's Exynos chips can perform as closely to Qualcomm's offering, which is a good sign.

Hopefully, when the S24 Plus release date and S24 Ultra release date finally arrives, we'll be able to test the phones out for ourselves and see whether going back to Exynos was a good move.

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