Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a huge display problem, and Samsung knows it

A multitude of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultras in different colo

A multitude of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultras in different colo

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may be filled with AI goodies for Android power users, but the new smartphone’s display has a major issue.

While the new smartphone’s display specs are stunning on paper (take a look at the Samsung S24 Ultra specs here), a nasty software bug is ruining the quality of images on the new phone.

Countless commenters on Reddit discovered issues with colour reproduction on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra display. In fact, those who upgraded to the new phone found out that the device has worse colours than previous versions of Samsung’s phones.

“What I can say with confidence is that my S23U looks much, much better,” one fan complained on Reddit. “Screen is so dull that I switched back to my S23U,” said another.

Via Samsung insider Ice Universe, it’s been revealed that the company is aware of the issues with the new phone’s display. Furthermore, the issue is entirely due to software, not due to hardware features such as the often-blamed Gorilla Glass screen.

However, at the time of writing, the new Samsung phone does have issues with colour reproduction whilst using Vivid mode. Instead of offering the brighter highlights and more saturated colours that mode should have, it’s duller and less impressive.

“The S24 Ultra's current Vivid mode is color accurate,” the insider said. “But the accurate color should not be called ‘vivid mode’, it should be ‘natural mode’. Samsung should bring back the true ‘Vivid Mode’, bringing an inaccurate but vivid enough color mode.”

Fans claim that the current version of Vivid Mode is only around 5% more vibrant than the natural screen filter. While this can be fixed with a new update, we don’t know which update it’ll be included in or even when that update will release via the software update feature.

For now, those who want the ultra vibrant screens of prior Samsung devices may want to hold off on the upgrade. For those who don’t care, the Samsung S24 Ultra is available right now.

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