Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro May Copy AirPods' Worst Feature

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro color range next to each other with the lilac ones in front.
Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro color range next to each other with the lilac ones in front.
Credit: Samsung

Since their launch in 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have ranked among the best wireless earbuds, especially for Samsung smartphone users. They are easy to find at a great price, and their audio quality is superb. Most importantly, they are extremely comfortable.

As some of the best earbuds for music and best earbuds for gaming, it’s no surprise that many people are eager to upgrade to the next generation. However, those expecting a straightforward 1:1 upgrade might be disappointed, as a new leak suggests significant design changes for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.

Leaker Evan Blass shared a picture of some earbuds obscured by a mosaic filter, with Asian Geek Squad captioning the image, adding “Say it isn’t soooo @evleaks, not the Galaxy Buds3 Pro looking like [AirPods].” Despite the filter, the earbuds' design is clearly visible, featuring a stem similar to Apple's AirPods.

While some may welcome this design change, if the leak is accurate, many Samsung fans might be disappointed by the AirPods-style look. Apple's AirPods are, unsurprisingly, the best earbuds for iPhone, but their design has received mixed reactions, even though many third-party companies have mimicked it.

However, this move by Samsung could be a smart one. The company is likely making substantial changes to the internal hardware of the upcoming Buds 3 Pro, and these upgrades might require more space. A stem might be a better option than larger earbuds that bulge out of the ear, which would be quite uncomfortable.

If increased battery life and better drivers necessitate a stem in the design, I’m all for it. The Buds 2 Pro are some of the best earbuds for Android on the market, and further improvements can only be beneficial. Let's just hope the price is right.

Of course, that's if the leak is correct at all. While the leak may seem real, and it makes sense to change to a stem design to allow for more hardware upgrades, there's always a chance that the leak is fake. However, we should find out for certain during Samsung Unpacked next month.

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