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In Rust, if you have broken items, you can actually fix them - thanks to the game's repair bench.

The Rust repair bench can be deployed whenever you like and almost anywhere are in the game. As you go through the course of Rust, there will be instances where some of your items could be damaged. It will eventually lead those items to be broken.

But the deployable repair bench could be your saviour. It could definitely fix your broken items, and allow you to use those again in the game.

Here are some ways on how to fix broken items in Rust:

Fix broken items by crafting or finding the repair bench

Repair benches cost around 125 metal fragments to be crafted. This may be a heavy load of resources for some, but it might be worth it as well.

If you're a bit short, you could just find a repair bench instead of deploying a new one. There are some locations where you can look for one.

Corrosion Hour listed that the repair benches can be found on the launch site, bandit camp, airfield, power plant, mining outpost, water treatment plant, and the train yard.

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Fix broken items by using the repair bench

Then once you have crafted or found the repair bench, use it to fix your broken items.

Place your broken items one at a time on the repair bench. It will then tell you about the needed resources to fix it. If you already have the needed resources then you can already proceed with the repair.

Click the 'repair' button once all the resources are complete, and it will automatically fix the broken item.

But if you do not have the required resources, find and collect those first.

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