Runescape creator reveals free MMORPG called Brighter Shores, releasing in 2024

People in a tavern from Brighter Shores gameplay screenshot
Credit: Fen Research Ltd.

People in a tavern from Brighter Shores gameplay screenshot
Credit: Fen Research Ltd.

Runescape is one of the biggest MMOs in the world, despite players being split between Old School Runescape and the newer version of the game. However, after co-founder Andrew Gower left Jagex in 2010, many have been wondering what his next big game will be. Well, now we know it's Brighter Shores.

Announced yesterday on Twitter by Gower himself, Brighter Shores is a point-and-click style MMO that looks very distinct compared to many MMORPGs on the market. Rather than going for a hyper-stylised or realistic look, it's an enchanting isometric grid-based MMO.

Working on the game for over 10 years, Gower says that the game is an MMORPG, but it "doesn't rely on other players to be fun", and says that he has been "alpha testing it on my own and its still very enjoyable". While many will, obviously, compared Brighter Shores to Gower's first MMORPG, Runescape, but it looks to be carving its own unique world in the market.

As for your character, you start in the world as the newest recruit for the Hopeport town guard, looking to make a name for yourself in a busy and challenging world. There's a range of professions to choose from and learn during your adventure, such as becoming a Fisher, Chef, or more. And, there's also three classes you'll have to pick between; Cryoknight, Guardian or Hammermage.

According to the Steam page for the game, it's set to release in Q3 2024, with no concrete release date available just yet. However, it will be a free-to-play game that offers a Premium Pass option, which will give you access to some additional areas, exclusive armour dyes, name changes, and player trading.

While the design will likely turn off many players, the unique visuals and gameplay style will certainly capture a fanbase. We're looking forward to finally playing the game, and there is likely going to be Closed Beta tests for the game ahead of launch, according to Gower.

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