Fan-made Star Wars game lets you fly an X-Wing... on Sega Dreamcast

SEGA Dreamcast controller next to Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion gameplay
Credit: Frogbull

SEGA Dreamcast controller next to Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion gameplay
Credit: Frogbull


  • Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion is a fan game for the SEGA Dreamcast
  • It's being developed by Frogbull, and it lets you finally pilot an X-Wing on the classic console
  • The game is available to download now, but is locked behind Frogbull's Patreon

It's not very often that you get indie or fan games made exclusively for older consoles, but the Dreamcast is getting a new Star Wars game. Developed by Frogbull, Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion is inspired by the classic Rogue Squadrons subseries of Star Wars games, and it's hoping to give you the feeling of flying an X-Wing, on the SEGA Dreamcast.

While we're still waiting for SEGA to release the Dreamcast Mini, reminiscing about how great the Dreamcast controller truly was, if you're a fan of the galaxy far, far away, you may want to dust off one of the best retro consoles and pick up the best TV for retro gaming, and get ready for this new fan-made game.

Shared recently by Frogbull, the latest fan-made Star Wars game will put you into the pilot seat of an X-Wing, which you couldn't do in any of the Stars Wars games for Dreamcast before it, something that the developer believes was "a missed opportunity given the console's capabilities".

The level shown in the gameplay trailer sees you fly the iconic X-Wing as you destroy TIE Fighters and slowly catch up with a Star Destroyer that appears on screen as you reach the concluding moments. Aptly titled 'Star Destroyer Pursuit', the level is short and quick, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Star Wars: Dream of the Rebellion features the crawling wall of text that Star Wars is known for, with the gameplay offering a radar that shows enemies as red dots, and a ship icon in the top left which shows your current health. And, if you want to know more about the fan game, Frogbull asks you to check out their official Patreon. In fact, this is where you can download the game right now, if you're willing to pay a measly £1 per month to support the developer, which we think is pretty fair.

It's pretty strange to see a new Star Wars game, developed by a fan, for a retro console that is over 25 years old. However, there's no doubt that this will be a blast from the past for plenty of people, all wrapped up in a fresh shell.

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