Robotic goat designed for riding is Kawasaki's latest weird creation

Robotics are in an intriguing transitional period. As major companies like Tesla work on humanoid robots like Tesla Bot, other companies are working on more experimental bots. For some, that's robot fish or robot dogs; for Japanese company Kawasaki, it’s a robot goat.

Take me down to the robotic goat

Unveiled at Tokyo's 2022 International Robot Exhibition, Kawasaki's robotic goat prototype captivated audiences. Dubbed RHP Bex, the four-legged robot is designed to look exactly like an Ibex — a Eurasian wild goat.

Ibex’s are known for their ability to scale impossibly steep services, something Kawasaki is eager to replicate with RHP Bex. Currently, the four-legged robot is being designed to carry both humans and cargo, with a carrying capacity of 100Kg,

Kawasaki's project is currently able to trot around on four legs as well as kneel down to allow someone to saddle up. In this mode, the robot moves slowly but surely, allowing it to navigate difficult terrain. However, it also has another mode.

At the press of a button, the RHP Bex transforms. Kneeling down, the robotic goat makes use of wheels located on the knee joints to move around at a faster rate. This feature is designed for higher-speed movement on more stable ground.

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When will the Kawasaki RHP Bex release?

The Kawasaki RHP Bex robotic goat is designed as a multi-purpose machine. Firstly, the robot is designed to carry cargo, such as large boxes, across precarious environments. Secondly, the product will be able to help to harvest crops in similarly difficult places.

The usefulness is Bex compared to other tools has not has not been explained by Kawasaki. Nevertheless, the robotic goat is a fantastic step forward for quadruped robots, especially commercial ones.

There is currently no KawasakiRHP Bex release date. However, when it does eventually release commercially, it will likely be expensive. Additionally, it may only end up releasing in a limited selection of regions.

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