Robot Helper granted bank loan for the first time

Consumer robots are designed to do a variety of tasks for us. For example, a household robot could wash dishes or clean the house, but could a Robot Helper do something as complex as taking out a bank loan?

The Robot Helper and The Bank Loan

In an experiment by Kochi-based robotics company Asimov Robotics, a robot helper was recently granted a loan. However, the robot is given the loan on behalf of the robotics company.

Reported by Quartz, Asimov’s robot helper was granted the loan as part of a new initiative for the company. Federal Bank, one of the leading Indian branches, is investing heavily into the region’s robotics industry.

In a video, Asimov’s robot, dubbed SAYABOT, is seen at the bank. Wearing a traditional saree, the female-coded robot thanked everyone for granting it (and, in turn, its company) the loan to continue development.

“It is such a great privilege to receive the financial assistance on behalf of Asimov Robotics,” SAYABOT said. “With this, Federal Bank has proven once again that it will be there always to support indigenous technology development.”

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The point of SAYABOT

Household consumer robots are becoming a key focus of a number of tech companies. Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has already revealed its CyberOne robot; Elon Musk’s Tesla is working on Tesla Bot. But what’s the point of SAYABOT?

Well, according to Asimov Robotic’s, SAYABOT is a multipurpose robot. While the robot can, sometimes, do banking for its owner, it’s a much more multifaceted device.

SAYABOT is designed first and foremost for healthcare. The robot helper can monitor vitals on patients, dispense medications and be a post-op companion.

It’s not known yet if the robot will be targeting consumers in the future. However, there will be a lot of competition by the time it reaches homes.

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