How to join private servers on Roblox PS4

Roblox man flying with a green balloon in his left hand
Credit: Roblox

Roblox man flying with a green balloon in his left hand
Credit: Roblox

Looking for a way to set up a private server in Roblox PS4 so you can play on your own or with friends? We've got all the all the latest on whether you can join private servers in Roblox on PS4, and how you can set up games to play just with your friends.

Roblox has been a huge game for some time, but it only recently made its PS4 debut last week. However, some players have been confused by the PS4 edition of the game due to the apparent absence of a server list that players on other platforms are accustomed to. In this guide, we'll set the record straight on private servers for Roblox PS4.

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Example of the server list shown on Roblox PC

How can I join private servers in Roblox on PS4?

On PC, you'll be able to see a list of active servers for the game you're trying to play. Often, if you're trying to play a game with friends, you'll look for the emptiest server so that the lobby you join acts as a private server for your friends to play in. You may get the occasional random person to join, but for the most part, it's the easiest way to play Roblox with friends.

Unfortunately, on PlayStation, there is no server list in Roblox. Therefore, you cannot select the specific server you want to join. It's hoped that Roblox will be adding the server list feature to the console version of the game, but until then, there will be no way to guarantee an empty server for you and your friends to play in.

However, one potential workaround to play with your friends is to invite them directly to a server that you randomly join. You can do this via the PlayStation's friends list. Then, they'll be able to join the same game as you for you to play with them. If you're lucky enough to load straight into an almost empty server, you'll be able to play with only your friends for a period of time.

That's all there is to know about joining or creating private servers in Roblox on PS4. For more Roblox guides like these, why not check out how to appear offline in Roblox or how to reduce lag in Roblox? We've also got the latest on the Roblox VR port coming to Meta Quest headsets.

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