Roblox doesn’t throw away its shot with Hamilton crossover

roblox doesnt throw away its shot with hamilton crossover
Credit: Roblox/Hamilton

roblox doesnt throw away its shot with hamilton crossover
Credit: Roblox/Hamilton

How does a b*stard, orphan, son of a wh*re, and a Scotsman, get an officially sponsored Roblox crossover event? In case the opening sentence didn’t make it clear, we’re getting a Hamilton Simulator in Roblox, and it’s not what you think.

When the official Hamilton Twitter announced this, many assumed that it would be some kind of concert in the metaverse. After all, we’ve seen concerts in these kinds of environments before, with Fortnite hosting massive experiences from artists such as Travis Scott in the past.

Oddly enough, that isn’t the case at all. Based on the video, it seems that this Hamilton Simulator in Roblox is some kind of gacha RPG. No, we’re not joking, that’s really what this looks like.

Various characters from the musical cast have rarities that you can acquire. Using these characters, you can take part in battles that sure look very similar to what we’ve seen in mobile RPGs. This is definitely not what most of us were expecting when this crossover was announced.

Celebrities have used Roblox to promote themselves before, including “Queen of the Metaverse” herself Paris Hilton. Lil Nas X also had a concert in the metaverse platform and that event was viewed by millions.

This collaboration is part of #HamWeek, a celebration of the stage show, so seeing this collab makes some sense. Any hardcore fans of Hamilton will want to check this out for the sheer ridiculousness alone.

Despite the metaverse concept losing steam, Roblox continues to be a profitable online world that immerses its fans. In fact, this virtual sandbox is so immersive that job interviews can now take place in said virtual world. No, really.

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Roblox is readily available on PC, mobile, and Xbox. Hamilton can currently be streamed on the Disney+ subscription service.

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