Ring doorbell won't connect to WiFi - how to fix the issue

Ring doorbell won't connect to Wifi doorbell next to brown door

Ring doorbell won't connect to Wifi doorbell next to brown door

Having a smart house, sometimes, can be a bit of a problem. When your Internet connection goes down, for example, or your devices start behaving strangely, that can be a smart issue for sure. But what about if your Ring doorbell won't connect to WiFi? What can we do to fix it?

The Ring doorbell line of products has been turning heads for being a great device to have in a home, easily connecting to your other smart devices in your home, thus providing a bit of added protection and security.

Let's find out what to do if your Ring doorbell just won't connect to WiFi.

What to do if your Ring doorbell won't connect to WiFi

After you install the Ring doorbell and it has finished charging, meaning the blue light has turned off, it will enter Setup mode. After completing setup, you might find yourself with the light blinking to indicate other possible WiFi issues. These are:

  • Top of Circle flashing: this means your WiFi password was entered incorrectly, try again;
  • Right side of Circle flashing: this means the Ring doorbell is not connecting to the WiFi;
  • Left side of Circle flashing: this means that the doorbell can't connect to the internet;
  • No flashing: something went wrong in the Setup process, repeat it again.

So what to do if you have right or left side flashing? First, check that your router is working correctly then check that the distance is not too wide between the doorbell and your WiFi router.

It might also be useful to do a reset of your connection altogether, by turning off the router, waiting 30 seconds, then turning it back on again. Most Ring devices, also, only support 2.5ghz WiFi, so make sure that your connection is configured correctly. Their supported channels are only 1 through 11, any other channels won't work.

How to check if your Internet connection is good enough

Perhaps, the problem is just that your internet connection is not speedy enough to support the Ring device. But you can test this, by using the Ring app, which you have downloaded as part of the Setup process mentioned above.

Enter the app and do the following steps:

  • Select the device you want to test and go to "Settings"
  • Choose "Device Health"
  • Then select "Test Wifi", making sure you are standing in the same location as the Ring device with the door shut.

If your result is less than 2 Mbps connectivity you may still use Ring, but you may get poor quality audio/video or delayed notifications. Anything above 2 Mbps should be good enough for you to use the Ring doorbell.

If you want help with some more connectivity problems, check out our guides on Ps5 not connecting to the internet and Xbox remote play not working.

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