REVEALED: Blacknut Streaming Service ready to take on Google Stadia

It was previously unheard of with streaming games over an internet connection.

Now, there's a wide choice, with Google and NVIDIA being established choices for streaming, for those who like the occasional play, whether that's due to a job or family.

However, with CES this week, another challenger has entered the fray with 'Blacknut', a new gaming streaming service that wants to be the primary choice in the space.

With that, here's what it offers, and what it's available on.

What does it Offer?

Think of it like Google Stadia or Amazon Luna; pair a gaming controller such as an Xbox Series S/X variant, pair it up with a device that has the Blacknut app available, and simply go for it.

It's also on Google's Chromecast system, which is a first for a streaming service.

They're currently offering a special deal for £6.49 for three months, then £12.99 thereafter.

They are already touting the large library of games they have, over 400 available, such as:

  • Asphalt Racing
  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
  • Mini Metro
  • Steel Rats
  • Double Dragon Trilogy

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How does it Compare?

While launching as a company in 2016, it only seems like now that they want to push their service to the masses.

While their library doesn't feature a plethora of established franchises such as Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed, they do seem to offer a streaming service that can easily eclipse what Apple Arcade is offering.

If you haven't used a streaming service for games as yet, Blacknut is a great method in showing what's possible here. While its ease of use is appreciated, it could do with some well-known titles to make it even more relevant.

However, if you're watching CES this week, they are offering showcases of what the service offers.

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