Resident Evil Code: Veronica could be the next Capcom remake

resident evil code veronica could be the next capcom remake
Credit: Capcom

resident evil code veronica could be the next capcom remake
Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil Code: Veronica might be the next game in Capcom’s horror franchise to get a remake. Most of us assumed that it would only be the mainline games getting remakes but recent statements from the company has fans hopeful.

During Capcom’s shareholder’s meeting (via VG247), the company was asked if it only planned on remaking the numbered games. Interestingly, Capcom gave a vague and corporate answer, claiming that they are “carrying out discussions” about future remakes in the series.

“We are carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of the series so it can be enjoyed by a wide audience,” said Capcom.

Although this is as vague and corporate as answers go, the fact Capcom didn’t give a straight no does inspire some hope. Considering how most fans thought a Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake should have happened over Resi 4, this should make them happy.

Prior to these statements, most of us assumed that only the numbered games would get a remake. In fact, the ending of Resident Evil 4 remake teased that Resident Evil 5 remake would be the next one coming. While there’s a good chance that remake will come before Code: Veronica, at least this spin-off has hope.

For those unaware, Code: Veronica was a game that came out in the Dreamcast and PS2 era, getting mixed-to-decent reviews. Many fans still enjoy how it features Chris and Claire Redfield together for the first time. Although the game’s plot is a bit campy, the solid gameplay and sibling dynamic was enough for some.

Considering how the Resident Evil remakes have consistently improved the faults of the originals, one can imagine how much Code: Veronica would benefit from it. Maybe the poorly-received Steve Burnside can be redeemed in the remake, with writing that could make him less whiney and creepy.

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Until a remake comes out, fans can play versions of Resident Evil Code: Veronica on PS4 and PS3.

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