Resident Evil 4 Remake iPhone port costs $60, the same as everywhere else

Resident Evil 4 Remake iPhone port in the background behind images of Leon Kennedy and Ashley

Resident Evil 4 Remake iPhone port in the background behind images of Leon Kennedy and Ashley

The reveal of a full Resident Evil 4 Remake iPhone port blew minds during the announcement of the iPhone 15 Pro earlier this month. While many were shocked to hear that the intensive survival horror game is coming to mobile, they may not be happy with the price.

While Capcom is bringing console-quality games to Apple’s latest iPhone, it’s also bringing console-level price tags. As expected, the Resident Evil 4 Remake iPhone port will cost a full $60/£58, just like it did on Xbox and PlayStation.

Via TouchArcade, Resi 4 on iPhone is technically a free download. However, that is only for a small 700 megabyte download, likely a main menu or short benchmark that then allows you to buy the main game. Afterwards, you’ll have to spend $60 to buy the bulk of the game.

Furthermore, Resident Evil 4 Remake iPhone does have a number of additional purchases, just like on console. This includes a £15.99 purchase for the game’s DLC — such as the recent Separate Ways campaign — and Weapon Upgrade Tickets.

Resident Evil 4 Remake isn’t the only AAA iPhone game to release on Apple’s ray-tracing capable iPhone 15 Max. In fact, Resident Evil Village is also coming to the device as well as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Another intriguing upcoming game release on Apple’s new smartphone is Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. No price has been revealed for the title.

While it is amazing to see Resident Evil 4 Remake running on an iPhone, there is a discrepancy with the iPhone community and its stance on paid games. While games like Alien Isolation and XCOM 2 are miracle ports, most mobile gamers are unwilling to pay for full priced titles.

With AAA game releases costing multiple times more than typical premium mobile releases, there is worry that few gamers will pay for titles such as Resident Evil on iPhone devices. Whether or not Resident Evil 4 Remake’s iPhone port will be deemed a success is yet to be seen.

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