Resident Evil 2 fan remake turns the iconic horror game into an FPS

resident evil 2 fan remake fps
Credit: Capcom/Perroautonomo

resident evil 2 fan remake fps
Credit: Capcom/Perroautonomo

Resident Evil 2 is a genuine horror classic, whether you’re playing the PS1 game or the remake that came out a few years ago. There’s now a new way to check this game out, as a fan has now remade this title as a first-person shooter.

Created by Perrautonomo, this FPS remake was built from the ground up via the Unity engine and is based on the original PS1 game. Numerous events are recreated faithfully in this fan game, like the moment when Leon and Claire are separated, being forced to find shelter in the police station.

It’s all recreated here gloriously and fans should check it out, as it’s a unique way to replay Resident Evil 2, if nothing else. Fans can check out the game in action below, thanks to a video from Hack Games Longplay, which shows a ton of environments from the classic horror title.

Just seeing this game from a new perspective makes it infinitely more interesting, especially since it’s based on the PS1 game and not the recent remake. While this won’t win any awards, there’s no denying that this is a very cool fan game and we hope Capcom doesn’t take it down right away.

Fan remakes like this have been quite popular lately, as they do add a new perspective on an existing game. We saw one based on The Last of Us, which looks like an incredibly brutal fan remake that could be something special. Other FPS games have also been given unofficial VR support, like Far Cry and Far Cry 6, among other titles.

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Getting these fan games can be a bit tricky, but fans have several ways to experience Resident Evil 2 these days. The remake is readily available on current-gen systems, so fans can experience the best version of the game. The only legal way to play the original game is to own a PlayStation 3, though Sony is re-releasing more classic titles on the PS5.

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