Relive the glory years: SEGA reveals a YouTube video on their console history!

SEGA are currently in the midst's of celebrating their 60th anniversary, and today brought a nice surprise, where they published a video on YouTube about the history of their consoles.

The company have been making a big deal of their anniversary; even last week a 'Golden Axe' retrospective came out on their retro 'SEGA Forever' page.

With the Mega Drive Mini being released last year, it does make one wonder if a Dreamcast variant is coming soon.

However, here's an overview of what the YouTube video consists of.

SEGA 60!

In a humorous video, Sega producer Hiroyuki Miyazaki takes us on a guided tour of the consoles that came out during the nineties, from the Mega Drive to the Saturn and beyond.

He covered the extra peripherals such as the 32X, and even the GameGear.

He explains how each console was named after a planet to keep in the tradition that SEGA had of the time.

It's surreal to see these consoles hung up on a chalkboard, but it just shows how big SEGA were at the time, and how these consoles made their impact.

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What Could be Next?

One interesting aspect of this video is at the 11:11 mark, where Hiroyuki displays a prototype of the SEGA Nomad.

This handheld was a miniaturised Mega Drive, only released in the USA. It would accept cartridges as normal, and there was even another controller port.

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Watching this video, it would be a great event for SEGA to continue this video with a console announcement. Not a 'Dreamcast 2', but rather a handheld console where you can play mostly all of SEGA's past library of games.

Until then though, this video is a fantastic insight into how SEGA ruled the console wars in the early nineties.

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