Red Dead Redemption Remastered Release Date: Will Rockstar Release a RDR Remaster?

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With the much anticipated re-release of GTA V on the new generation of hardware, many people are asking whether Red Dead Redemption, another classic title, will be receiving a similar remaster. Given that the game was released in 2010, there will be a huge number of players who didn't get to experience the game first time around. Here's everything we know, about the prospect of a Red Dead Redemption remastered.

Will Rockstar release a RDR remaster?

Rockstar have been extremely busy making plans to remaster older titles from their back catalogue. As well as the upcoming GTA V remaster, Rockstar are strongly expected to release a GTA Trilogy in the not too distant future. GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas are the rumoured beneficiaries.

Take Two are being typically tight-lipped when it comes to confirming their plans. In their Q1 earnings presentation, they specified three unannounced iterations of previously released titles. This is potentially the GTA Trilogy we mentioned above. But Red Dead is also a possibility.

The latest rumour, courtesy of Kotaku, is that Rockstar is going to wait and see how the GTA trilogy sells, before making a decision on Red Dead Redemption. It may be disappointing that there is nothing definitive at this point. But there are reasons to be optimistic.

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How hopeful should we be for Red Dead Redemption remastered?

There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful that a RDR remaster is more than a pipe dream. For starters, the fact that Rockstar are looking to capitalise on existing titles, means that RDR will undoubtedly be under consideration. Having sold over 15 million units, it certainly feels that there would be demand for a remaster.

In addition, GTA 6 isn't rumoured for release until 2023. That's a lot of time for Rockstar to fill between now and the next major new release in that franchise. It makes some sense then, to release remastered versions of beloved games, to keep the money coming in. With a rumoured budget of $500 million, GTA 6 is going to cost a lot. The more revenue coming in, the better.

Ultimately, nothing is certain until Rockstar make an official announcement. But for those of us who would love to see John Marston return, there is still plenty to give us hope. Watch this space. We'll update you as soon as hear anything more.

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