Ready or Not suspects still don't act realistically, despite promises

ready or not suspects not realistic
Credit: VOID Interactive

ready or not suspects not realistic
Credit: VOID Interactive

Ready or Not has proven to be one of the biggest multiplayer hits in a while, originally released in 2021 but still maintaining relevance to this day. However, despite being out for a while now, the game’s suspects still don’t act realistically, despite promises from the devs to make that happen.

Many fans have pointed out how the game’s suspects just don’t react how you want them to, rarely getting scared or running away from you. Fans on the game’s subreddit have been pretty vocal about it, pointing out how suspects acting like real people was a selling point of this SWAT shooter.

VOID Interactive once shared a video of Ready or Not, promising that suspects would smoke, take selfies, attempt to flee, and other actions. This would have added life to the game and made it a ton of fun to play, especially to see those reactions. Unfortunately, that video came out a year ago and hasn’t been followed up on since.

Even now, whether your enemies are drug addicts or brothers who just want to make money to help their dying mother, they all act the same. Another subreddit post perfectly pointed out all of this, while also revealing how similar older games like SWAT 3 have much better AI.

It is disappointing to see Ready or Not keep the status quo with its suspects, despite promising better things for fans. Granted, game development is hard and we don’t want anything to be rushed, but this feature was a promise to players. Maybe a future update will ensure that these suspects will have better AI soon, but that means another year without this getting fixed.

Still, despite these flaws, it seems that the shooter is still well-liked and players are willing to ignore these issues to take part in shootouts with friends. We’ve seen plenty of content in the 1.0 release, like a map inspired by stream swatting, but players still want more.

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Ready or Not is only available on PC.

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