Razer Serien X microphone review: Level up your audio with a new gaming microphone

It’s all well and good to have a headset that has a decent microphone, but what if you want to go one step further? The Razer Seiren X microphone is one such option! 

The Serien X microphone from Razer has a sharp design with that ‘Razer’ touch, which blends in well with any other peripheral that you have from the company.

It’s available in four colours: Black, ‘Quartz Pink’, ‘Mercury White’, and ‘Playstation 4’, apparently.

We tested the Black version to put it through its paces...


Sound - Score 92

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First of all; it’s smaller than we expected, due to having owned other microphones such as a Yeti, but the design here is striking. The Seiren X is modern, it’s very clean, and it will match any headset alongside a room with dark lighting.

The cables plug in from the bottom of the microphone and strangely they seem out of place; they almost get in the way, and as the microphone itself is exposed at the front of the design, it may have been better to have found a way to have the wires at the back, while being able to be difficult to spot when streaming.

Setting it up was easy enough; just plugging into the PC and after a few short moments, it was ready to be used on Skype, OBS and all the other applications. There’s no integration with ‘


’ here, and why would there be? It’s a microphone, and it gets to the point here. No frills, and that’s what’s needed really, to just do what it says on the box.

The sound itself is very good

The sound itself is very good; it picked up the booming and rhythmic voice of this reviewer very well, although when the ‘shock resistor’ was tested, there didn’t seem to be much of an effect to reduce those accidental knocks.

But let’s be honest; for what the microphone offers, it’s a great, compact design, with decent sound quality and will be able to last you for a good few years until you decide to ascend to another of the microphones that Razer offers.


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Price - Score 90

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When you hear a podcast on your app of choice, or you watch a stream of

Metal Gear Solid

, you never suspect what kind of microphone they use (unless you have a particular passion for audio), but as long as you can hear them clearly, that’s the one and only point when listening to anything.

Simply great value

For the quality that the Serien X gives, it’s simply great value at

£99 on Amazon

. If you’re thinking of starting a podcast or you just want your colleagues to hear you in much better quality over Slack and Skype, then you can’t go far wrong for this microphone at this price. Even as a gift, if someone is feeling a bit lonely due to the lockdown, it could be great to send one to a family member.


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Our Score


  • Great compact design
  • Decent sound quality
  • Great price for beginners


  • Odd wire placement

All in all, it’s a decent microphone. It does what it needs to with a smart and compact design, while being able to record high-quality sound.


£99 via Amazon

it’s a great budget-price, so you can’t go wrong with a microphone like this, especially if you’re going to be using it for more than streaming

Streets Of Rage 4


Before you move onto the

Serien Elite

or even the ridiculous

Serien Emote

microphone, it’s a great starter-microphone, and even if it picks up some external sounds like keyboards and the occasional mouse-clicks when streaming


, you won’t go far wrong than to start with the Serien X.


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