Razer Kishi gaming controller unveiled - Specs, features, price and release date for the new universal Android controller released, iPhone version teased

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Razer has revealed a new mobile gaming accessory, the Razer Kishi universal gaming controller for Android.

Available to order immediately, the controller makes gaming on your Android smartphone an enhanced experience. There are loads of features to help you make the most of your games, and you can get one now!

We've got all the specs, features and release details, so read on for more...

Razer Kishi gaming controller features

Razer Kishi gaming controller features
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Following on from the brand's first couple of forays into the mobile gaming world, Razer has now announced the Kishi, a gaming controller that works for Android smartphones.

"With the reality of playing AAA releases on any screen, having the controller attached provides a form factor convenient and portable enough to truly game anywhere," says the official press release.

Aiming to produce a familiar console controller experience for the ever-closer cloud gaming age, the Razer Kishi features a range of high-quality buttons on the face and shoulders of the controller, just like your favourite PS4 or Xbox One gamepad. This includes clickable analog thumbsticks and a D-pad.

Technically, the new Razer gamepad is a strong machine. The controller connects directly to your device's charging port, which means a whole lot less lag when compared with standard Bluetooth controllers. If you need to charge at the same time, it also has an external USB-C port.

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Razer Kishi gaming controller specs

Razer's new Android gaming controller connects directly to your device's charging port, creating latency times near zero. You can also charge at the same time, with pass-through charging via the external USB C port.

The controller promises to be comfortable in your hands, weighing just 265 grams (9.3 ounces) and measuring 134 x 37 x 94 mm (5.3 x 1.5 x 3.7 inches). Not a burden, but big enough to give you maximum control.

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Razer Kishi gaming controller price

Razer Kishi gaming controller studio
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In the UK, the Razer Kishi has a recommended selling price of £79.99. Not bad at all for a premium mobile gaming controller from someone as reliable as Razer.

In the US, the controller retails at $79.99. In Europe, it's €89.99 MSRP.

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Razer Kishi gaming controller release date

Razer made its new Android gaming controller available as soon as it was announced yesterday (June 9th, 2020). Head over to the Razer website now and get your order in!

BUY NOW: Razer Kishi universal gaming controller for Android

What about an iPhone version?

In the press release for the new gamepad, Razer assures us that "An iPhone version is slated to arrive later this summer." The price and any additional features are currently unconfirmed, but obviously we'll let you know when it comes!

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