RAZER announces their NEW Naga X Mouse aimed for the MMO Players

RAZER are known for their high-quality; from headsets, to mice, and their keyboards.

There's a good chance that there's a product that fits your needs for your Gaming PC. However, MMO players have also benefited from RAZER, with their 'Naga' line offering many buttons so they can access quick menus and shortcuts when playing their favourite online game.

It should be no surprise then that RAZER have been working towards an improved product to add to the 'Naga' line, with the Naga X; a faster, more advanced mouse than what came before.

With that, let's go into what the Naga X offers for MMO players.


The NAGA X features 16 programmable buttons that can each be assigned to certain uses, such as casting spells, igniting a lightsaber, and so on.

There's also a 'HyperShift' mode that allows for secondary uses for each of these buttons when the 'HyperShift' button is held down.

The Naga X is also light this time; weighing only 85 grams, much lighter than their other Naga mice. Alongside their '5G Optical Mouse Switches', there's now more accuracy when a player wants to select their character or choose an option that the game has shown to them.

While the Naga X is wired, it means that you won't have to make sure its switched on and off when you go back to your PC after finishing the day-job for the week; alongside having the mouse also having onboard memory to store your 'Chroma' RGB configurations once again.

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The Naga X retails at $79.99 and €89.99, which is a competitive price considering what it offers for MMO players.

It's available right now, so expect stock to be at several outlets in the coming days.

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