WWE’s Randy Orton paid someone $1000 to max out his Elden Ring character

randy orton hates elden ring grinding
Credit: WWE/FromSoftware

randy orton hates elden ring grinding
Credit: WWE/FromSoftware

Elden Ring is a well-crafted open-world title that makes expert use of the hard-as-nails Soulsborne formula. Due to its high difficulty, FromSoftware’s masterpiece isn’t for everyone, including WWE superstar Randy Orton. While still wanting to play the game, the future Hall of Fame candidate supposedly paid someone $1000 to max out his character instead of grinding for levels himself.

This bit of news (transcribed by Kotaku) comes from The Insiderz , comprised of former WWE superstars Brennan Williams (formerly ma.çé or Mace) and Mansoor Al-Shehail (formerly mån.sôör or Mansoor). Williams and Al-Shehail talked about some of the fun backstage confrontations they had during their time in WWE, including that time Randy Orton paid someone to grind his character out.

Both wrestlers claim that Orton is a fan of the Elden Ring but doesn’t really have the patience to ‘get good,’ as the cool kids say. Orton then tells Al-Shehail that he paid someone $1000 so he can get through the game better, which he can afford since The Viper is one of WWE’s biggest stars.

“Yeah, it’s f*cking hard. I paid a guy $1,000 bucks to give me infinite runes so I could level up to 100 right away,” Orton told Al-Shehail and Williams. “I love that game though. It’s awesome. But no, I couldn’t deal with that bullsh*t so I just paid a guy to give me a bunch of runes.”

While we think Orton could have ‘gotten good’ if he wanted to, we don’t blame the guy for wanting to take it easy. If anything, this kind of proves that these kinds of games do need an easy mode, since some people do want to experience these adventures.

There are a variety of ways to die in Elden Ring, with a recorded 1 billion of them happening due to pitfalls. Of course, this hasn’t stopped fans from enjoying the game, as an expansion pack is coming in the near future.

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Elden Ring is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. Randy Orton fans can play as the Legend Killer in WWE 2K23, which is also available on all the aforementioned systems.

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