RANDOM: You could win £1000 playing Rock Paper Scissors

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you play Roshambo Live, or let it slip?

That's basically the question that Roshambo Live is now asking of its players who have the chance to win themselves some money.

Winning money is always nice, so you probably want to know how to get involved with this whole thing.

Well, here's what you need to do to try and win those cash prizes.

It's time to d-d-d-d-duel

Roshambo Live is a free app that you can use to play rock paper scissors against random people or their friends.

However, this Sunday, the 18th of October, there'll be a competition to potentially win £1,000.

Anybody can enter into this tournament but only one can win, it's all free to enter too, which means it's just easy money.

Of course, you'll have to beat countless other people to actually claim the prize, but honestly, rock paper scissors is a game of chance most of the time, which means you've got just as much of a shot at this prize as anybody else.

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That's not all folks

According to the press release, "following Sunday’s premiere, every game will have a huge £1000 prize for the winner, as well as prizes for 25 runners up."

"Playing couldn’t be more simple: each round, players have seven seconds to choose their move, trying to beat out their opponent. The more rounds conquered, the further players move, stacking up wins or scrambling for a sacred ‘Golden Life’ to stay in the running for the huge prizes."

Also, you'll be able to see your opponent's last three moves, which means you might be able to discern a pattern and predict what they do next. Of course, it could also be a cat playing, so maybe not.

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