Quest 2 game file sizes will be increased due to Quest 3 rules

quest 3 requirements force file size changes for quest 2
Credit: Mediatonic

quest 3 requirements force file size changes for quest 2
Credit: Mediatonic

There are going to be a number of Quest 2 games available on Quest 3, persuading users to upgrade to better hardware. However, the upgrades for 3 have an effect on 2, as game file sizes will be increasing for both headsets, unfortunately.

Gaming journalist Henry Stockdale asked VR developers on Twitter if Quest 2 games getting an upgrade on Quest 3 will have file size changes for both headsets. While there were a variety of answers given, developer Guy Godin gives a pretty good explanation as to why both headsets will see their files getting bigger.

According to Godin, the developers cannot use different APKs for either VR headset right now, hence, increasing the sizes for both headsets. Unfortunately, this means that Quest 2 players will get additional size but won’t get any of the benefits that will be in Quest 3.

Since the technology is still kind of new, developers can only make one type of APK for VR games right now. Games that are shared between Quest 2 and Quest 3 need the same APK, as there’s no option to have different APKs per headset. This means that players with the older VR equipment will suffer a bit when the newer hardware gets updated.

Fans did want some form of backward compatibility with these headsets and they got them, albeit, in a fairly flawed way. Unfortunately, this seems like the definition of a monkey’s paw wish, with fans getting them at an unknown cost. Hopefully, technology evolves and VR gets to improve on this in the future.

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