Quantum Error already made back its dev costs before release

Quantum Error made back its dev costs before release - Daddy Jacob in the game

Quantum Error made back its dev costs before release - Daddy Jacob in the game

With so many games these days having huge budgets, one making back its dev costs is already a big accomplishment, even so before being actually released. According to a post on X from the developers of Quantum Error, TeamKill Media, the game already made back its original budget on digital pre-orders alone.

In the same post, the developers thanked everyone for their support and described how they are entirely self-supported. They did explain how they used the original funds from the Gofundme and Epic Game Store, that is to buy a mo-cap suit. They also kept quiet about their possible next project, but did say that Part 2 is "already in the works" as the game was planned to be a trilogy.

Many fans say that they wanted to support the project since the developers did originally announce a physical release. This will be coming on November 10th for the North America region and in Europe, on December 8th (which, interestingly, is a holiday in many European nations).

The game was originally planned in 2016 when TeamKill Media was founded by four brothers working together. The entire franchise, according also to a post from the developer, was inspired by the heroic efforts of the guys' father, Jacob. He worked for 40 years as a firefighter and is "the hardest working yet most selfless man you could ever meet".

Many gamers, over the last few years, have spoken out against digital pre-orders as they don't seem to serve any purpose, especially as opposed to physical ones. But, in the case of Quantum Error, they did go towards full-support of a small team of developers who have been tirelessly working on their first game.

Since pre-order codes will go out to gamers over the next few days, we will sure hear the first impressions on Quantum Error very soon. In the meantime, we can shake our heads in disapproval at the lack of a physical release for Alan Wake 2.

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