Qualcomm reportedly creating Android console similar to Nintendo Switch

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Qualcomm is set to launch its own Android-powered console that uses its Snapdragon chip, according to reports from Android Police.

According to the site, Qualcomm's device looks similar to the Nintendo Switch console, featuring detachable controllers on the side of the console.

The Qualcomm handheld device will also be able to connect to a TV or monitor, similar to the Nintendo Switch's docked mode.

Qualcomm console specs

Android Police report that the Qualcomm portable console will use a 6000mAH battery that supports Quick Charge technology.

Qualcomm will also implement 5G technology into its console, the site claims.

However, much of the console's specifications remain unclear. It is still unknown if the console will include a new, high-end Snapdragon SoC or its own, less powerful chip.

Qualcomm console price and release date

The latest reports suggest Qualcomm's console could launch in early 2022 at a price point of $300.

This price point would set the Qualcomm device as a more direct competitor to the Nintendo Switch, which first launched in 2017 for $299/£279. However, to meet this pricing, Qualcomm may have to reduce the hardware specs its console could offer.

Of course, we cannot be sure on any of these details regarding the Qualcomm console until the company itself confirms that the device exists.

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Would a Qualcomm console have the games to compete with Nintendo?

Qualcomm console features

If Qualcomm wants to compete with the Nintendo Switch, it will need more than just a competitive price point. The Switch's success can largely be attributed to its library of exclusive titles, utilising Nintendo IP for unique experiences unavailable anywhere else. Qualcomm doesn't have this.

Instead, it seems that Qualcomm may attempt to include Epic Games Store support for its console at launch. This would come on top of the Android 12 supported applications. This could include the likes of Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Streaming.

Still, it will take a sizeable effort from Qualcomm to eat into Nintendo's monopoly over the handheld console market, especially with the Switch Pro rumoured to be on the way.

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