Here is the PSVR news that Sony wanted to show you today - now totally overshadowed by Xbox Series X reveal, as fans wait for PS5 news

If the PS5 vs Xbox Series X "console war" really was a war, this was the moment when Sony sent a poorly-armed soldier over the top, straight to the front line, fully aware that it didn't stand a chance against the opposition.

As you might remember, a few days ago, an official PlayStation blog promised that PSVR news would drop at 15:00 BST every day this week. Sony explicitly stated there would be "no PS5-related news" during this week's PlayStation Virtual Reality jamboree.

But then the Xbox Series S leaked, and Microsoft opted to press ahead with some announcements: first confirming the Xbox Series S's existence, and then delivering the confirmed price and release date for the Xbox Series X.

Amidst all this, rumours intensified on Twitter, with fans becoming increasingly certain that a PS5 reveal eventmust be coming this week. To counteract the Xbox hype, fans seemed to think, surely Sony would drop the PS5 price and release date.

And then, while Microsoft whipped up a frenzy online (revealing the super-cheap Xbox All Access console-buying scheme, and dropping the surprise announcement that EA Play will be coming to Xbox Game Pass), the clock struck 15:00 BST.

Rather than rescheduling the daily dollop of PSVR news that had been promised, or pivoting to reveal some juicy PS5 news instead, Sony simply put out the PSVR stuff as planned.

It turned out to be a blog post about a VR game called Twilight Path, which is coming to PSVR in October. It was Tweeted out like so...

"29 people are Tweeting about this" reads the Twitter post right now, at the time of writing, and there's something a little bit sad about that - especially as thousands of people are talking about the big Xbox news instead.

On a similar note: at the time of writing, this GIF within the PSVR blog currently has 4 views, according to the text underneath it...

Of course, though, the console war isn't really a war at all. As a brilliant article over on recently explored, Microsoft and Sony are actually fighting their own very separate battles - each company has its own targets, and there's no reason why they both can't succeed. That's not really very war-like, is it?

Microsoft's whole shtick is geared towards the value and accessibility of Game Pass, while Sony's plans revolve around sexy system-selling exclusives like Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There's no doubt that Microsoft can sell a lot of Game Pass subs, and Sony will surely shift a lot of PS5 consoles as well.

But still, you've got to feel a little sorry for Sony today. Although it's a massive corporation and probably won't suffer very much as a result of this week, there's still something quite glum about seeing a PSVR announcement timidly teetering into the world while the Xbox Series X news explodes across the internet...

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