PSVR: Can you use a PSVR on Steam?

Steam is not the intended system for the PSVR headset, just the PlayStation consoles.

Although there are some VR games that are exclusive for Steam's VR prowess, SteamVR, it's tempting if the two can be joined.

Playing Half Life Alyx in a PSVR is an appealing thought, and can help many in saving the budget for something like a HTC Vive.

But can you use a PSVR on Steam?

Can you use a PSVR on Steam?

The answer for this question is, yes.

You can use a PSVR headset on Steam. The PSVR may be able to run the SteamVR even if both entities are made for two different systems.

But how? It's possible with some tricks provided by a third-party app.

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Get the Trinus app to use PSVR on Steam

The Trinus app is made purposely to bridge software differences, and in this case it's between the Steam system for PC and the PSVR system by Sony.

If you follow the steps in our previous article, you will be able to connect the two different systems to eventually work well together.

You can download the official Trinus app for PSVR here.

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